Flow Hydroponics bevattningssystem för Bonanza 0,35 m2

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  • Hydroponics bevattningssystem för 5 plantor
  • Contents water reservoir: 21 liter.
  • Size (l x w x h) 53 x 53 x  51cm.
  • Especially made for G-Tools Bonanza 0,35m2 grow cabinet.
  • Incl. pomp and netcups.
  • Excl. nutrients

Flow Hydroponics hydro grow system

The term hydroponics is used for plants grown in water. The required nutrients are added to the water. No medium is used, therefore carrying heavy bags of soil or other mediums is a thing of the past. The Flow Hydroponics grow system consists of a grow tray with lid, water tank with pump and an aluminium grow table.
In the lid of the grow tray, holes have been made for the net cups in which the plants grow. The grow tray is placed on the aluminium grow table with the water tank placed underneath.
24 Hours per day water with nutrients is pumped from the water tank into the grow tray. Once the water level in the grow tray rises above 4 cm it will drain back into the water tank. Using this grow technique the roots of your plant hang in a stream of constantly circulating water rich in oxygen and nutrients.

Safe, economical and efficient

This type of system is more commonly known as “shallow water culture”. The system is very economical regarding water consumption and very user-friendly.
You only need to keep the water tank filled and add the correct amount of nutrients. It is highly recommended to use a PH/EC combi-meter to determine the exact amount of nutrients and acidity of the water.
When you want to clean the water tank it can be easily removed from the cabinet. This only needs to be done in between two harvests. During your grow cycle you only have to keep the water tank filled.
Via the bottom sliding doors, you can easily fill the water tank using a watering can.
One of the  advantages of working with this type of system is that you have far better control of how much nutrients you give your plants, giving you more control in the growth and flower phase. Another big advantage is that the whole growing and flowering phase is much shorter due to the 24 x 7 direct nutrient uptake via the roots from the water.

Most plant diseases are caused by fungus and bacteria that breed in potting soil. Working without a medium such as potting soil results in much less chance of plant diseases.
The Flow Hydroponics grow system is a closed and safe system without the risk of leakages. There will never be more water in the grow tray than the maximum content the water tank. So if for some reason the pump stops working, the water from the grow tray will simply flow back into the water tank without overflowing it.
Another advantage of the closed system is that no light will shine on the water so you do not have to worry about algae growth in the water.

Fits in Bonanza 0,35m2

For our Bonanza and wing grow cabinets we have made to size systems. This Flow Hydroponics grow system is made especially for all Bonanza 0,35-m2 models.
In this Flow Hydroponics grow system there is a place for 5 plants.


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